Blooms and Blossoms (and a few birds)

First comes snowdrops, then crocuses…

Then comes daffodils, narcissi and rhododendron…

Cherry, apple blossom, magnolia, and hawthorn…

Lastly, here are some feathered friends enjoying the spring weather too!


Now, onwards to lilac, bluebells and roses!


Spring finally..?

As you are all aware it has been a long time since most of us saw the sun. Wind, rain, more rain, and grey skies when it wasn’t raining have made this a dreary winter for the most part.

I’ve always loved spring flowers (who doesn’t): snowdrops, crocuses, narcissi, daffodils, cherry blossom, magnolia and lilac all have their place in my photos. ¬†Followed by the roses when they come. In some cases I have been taking photos of the same flowers year on year. Occasionally this doesn’t have very good results. This year I was too busy to manage any snow drops, or maybe it was because it was raining. Anyway, why blather about something which you all enjoy anyway. Here’s to a pleasant spring ahead. Either that or building an ark.

These were taken at Gordon Square, Bloomsbury (very good for crocuses!), St James’ Park and in the garden at home. More flower pictures to follow I hope.

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