2016 so far

Usual abject apologies for not posting enough… I’ve transferred a lot of the photo posts over to the Facebook page and Twitter in the last few months.

Winter isn’t a great time for photography, if, like me, you work 5/6 days a week, don’t do night photography too well and miss the sunlight and flowers!

I was offered the opportunity to upgrade my camera but decided to stick with the current one in the meanwhile, while I try to improve my technique.

I’ve tried to make the most of the hours of daylight and practise some night photography too.

I’ve been discovering a local park and taken a few shots there:

I’ve been taking a few ‘vintage’ style shots like these:






Also, since the weather has been so grey, there’s been some more opportunities to practise black and white photography:

I’ve also taken some evening walks… more work to do on night photography.

Lastly, I’ve tried to capture some fauna! DSCF6357

Taken through the window at work – real photo opportunism!

I’ve also been to try a lot harder to be patient, take more of the same shot, and to concentrate more on composition.

It has been a fairly eclectic 2016 so far but all in all I am looking forward to sunshine and spring weather. Hopefully another blog to ensue soon.


London’s Foggy Day

Last year we had a foggy day and I expressed to a friend annoyance that I had not got up in the morning and taken photos of the fog. He replied ‘ what do you mean? It’s fog! There’s nothing to photograph!’ Yet as this Timeout compilation reveals, there were plenty of excellent foggy photo opportunities!


None of mine actually live up to that standard, but then again (as I discovered) it is quite tricky to get good photographs of fog. Now I have a better idea of how to do it, so – in the spirit of this blog – I am still learning…

DSCF8720 DSCF8721 DSCF8722 DSCF8723 DSCF8724 DSCF8732 DSCF8735 DSCF8738 DSCF8742 DSCF8743 DSCF8744 DSCF8747 DSCF8768 DSCF8770 DSCF8771 DSCF8773 DSCF8776 DSCF8782 DSCF8783 DSCF8784 DSCF8791 DSCF8793 DSCF8796 DSCF8800DSCF8813DSCF8811

And then the fog cleared…

London at Night

It has been a while since I posted on this blog… it has been a busy few months! For more random photos, see @piedbeauty_ on Twitter and Instagram.

I have still been taking photos though. My latest little project was to improve my night photography. It is still a work in progress, but here are some of the results so far.

And my 2014 New Year’s Resolution is to get a decent photo of a typical London resident: the urban fox. Let’s see how I do…

For a collection of absolutely brilliant London at night (well, mainly at night, there’s a lot of night at this time of year!) photos  see the ever brilliant Timeout http://now-here-this.timeout.com/2013/11/29/47-stunning-photos-of-london-in-november/

DSCF8538 DSCF8430 DSCF8435 DSCF8438 DSCF8441 DSCF8483 DSCF8486 DSCF8488 DSCF8490 DSCF8498 DSCF8499 DSCF8504 DSCF8518 DSCF8524 DSCF8525 DSCF8529 DSCF8542 DSCF8544 DSCF8546 DSCF8557 DSCF8565 DSCF8569 DSCF8570 DSCF8572 DSCF8573 DSCF8574 DSCF8577 DSCF8580 DSCF8586 DSCF8591 DSCF8595 DSCF8596 DSCF8601 DSCF8605 DSCF8607 DSCF8610 DSCF8618 DSCF8620 DSCF8624 DSCF8629 DSCF8632 DSCF8635 DSCF8637 DSCF8641 DSCF8644 DSCF8648 DSCF8658 DSCF8664 DSCF8666 DSCF8672 DSCF8678 DSCF8687 DSCF8692 DSCF8707 DSCF8711 DSCF8851 DSCF8855 DSCF8857 E DSCF8419 E DSCF8420 DSCF8965 DSCF8993 DSCF8995Image