Blooms and Blossoms (and a few birds)

First comes snowdrops, then crocuses…

Then comes daffodils, narcissi and rhododendron…

Cherry, apple blossom, magnolia, and hawthorn…

Lastly, here are some feathered friends enjoying the spring weather too!


Now, onwards to lilac, bluebells and roses!


Dreaming Spires and Pouting Gargoyles





For fans of Morse and Lewis, no dead bodies were discovered during this trip. For fans of C S Lewis, I didn’t find any magic lands at the back of wardrobes either…



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Wadham College


Memory Lane
Dinosaurs, in Oxford?

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I often work weekends so this is a few photos of a stroll in the park after work, my walk home, and views from the window of my flat. A beautiful fine day which we haven’t seen many of this year… I was rather tired after my walk so didn’t manage to go on a sunset walk, but as you can see, it would have been worth the effort! Next time…

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