Blooms and Blossoms (and a few birds)

First comes snowdrops, then crocuses…

Then comes daffodils, narcissi and rhododendron…

Cherry, apple blossom, magnolia, and hawthorn…

Lastly, here are some feathered friends enjoying the spring weather too!


Now, onwards to lilac, bluebells and roses!


“God gave us memory so that we might have roses in December.” ― J.M. Barrie

I could take photographs of flowers, and especially roses, all day. My mother loved roses, and the three years since she died has been full of me staring intently at some roses with camera in hand, trying to catch their beauty.

Briar roses, similar to the one below, are the first to bloom.


It is probably one of life’s ironies that her anniversary falls just before the season when most roses bloom, so when I go on walks then I rarely find a good bloom to photograph. But just a week or so later…

Friends House, Euston Road
Friends House, Euston Road
Kennington Park
Kennington Park
Rose of Kennington
Rose of Kennington

I love looking at roses as the sunshine falls through them, but this year the weather has been variable. Fortunately, roses with raindrops on them also have a special something. This lot were all taken at the wonderful rose garden at the Imperial War Museum, London.

DSCF4075 DSCF4077

This is the nearest they've got to a blue rose.
This is the nearest they’ve got to a blue rose.

DSCF4080 DSCF4086 DSCF4094 DSCF4085 DSCF4083 DSCF4089 DSCF4087

There will doubtless be some more photos of roses posted on this blog before the year is out!