Bletchley and beyond

I fulfilled a long term ambition recently to visit Bletchley Park, with some friends of mine. The photos don’t really do it justice, but I thought I’d share them with you anyway, plus a few of other things I’ve been doing in London.

I’ve every admiration for the team at Bletchley and the volunteers working there. They have collected and displayed some very interesting exhibits, with the use of various types of interpretation to bring them to life (including audio-visual displays). There was also an explanation and demonstration of codebreaking using the reconstructed Bombe machine, which really showed how a great deal of hard graft combined with fine logic, a few strokes of genius and (I add) the skills of various linguists saved millions of lives during the Second World War. The exhibit on Alun Turing is also particularly touching and a reminder of how much times have changed in this country.


Radio mast, Bletchley Park
Shed No. 3



The interpretation for the exhibits is very good, and brings the place to life. 

Remnants of code breaking, including a reconstructed Bombe machine, built for breaking the Enigma code, and Alan Turing’s teddy bear. A truly inspiring place to visit. I heartily recommend it.


Meanwhile in London, I’ve caught a few flora and fauna on camera…


The evening of the Referendum, just before 6pm.
I don’t know who was the owner, but what a car!




On my meanderings on my days off,  I found this view of Kings Cross. Despite having walked past St Pancras every day for several years while at UCL, I’d never gone up those steps before.

A reminder that London has some wonderful landscapes and architecture, if you know where to look.


I’ll leave you with the weathervane from Bletchley though.




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