2016 so far

Usual abject apologies for not posting enough… I’ve transferred a lot of the photo posts over to the Facebook page and Twitter in the last few months.

Winter isn’t a great time for photography, if, like me, you work 5/6 days a week, don’t do night photography too well and miss the sunlight and flowers!

I was offered the opportunity to upgrade my camera but decided to stick with the current one in the meanwhile, while I try to improve my technique.

I’ve tried to make the most of the hours of daylight and practise some night photography too.

I’ve been discovering a local park and taken a few shots there:

I’ve been taking a few ‘vintage’ style shots like these:






Also, since the weather has been so grey, there’s been some more opportunities to practise black and white photography:

I’ve also taken some evening walks… more work to do on night photography.

Lastly, I’ve tried to capture some fauna! DSCF6357

Taken through the window at work – real photo opportunism!

I’ve also been to try a lot harder to be patient, take more of the same shot, and to concentrate more on composition.

It has been a fairly eclectic 2016 so far but all in all I am looking forward to sunshine and spring weather. Hopefully another blog to ensue soon.


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