Sun, sea and shingle!

Despite living in London 11 or so years, I’ve never been to Brighton. I formulated  a plan some months ago to do a seaside trip somewhere on the South Coast, but wasn’t sure whether to go for Sussex or Kent. I still want to go to Kent, so perhaps more to follow. But for now here are a few pictures I took in Brighton. It’s great for photographers, and one could spend longer there. I had a few problems (particularly around sunset/dusk) and would like to practice some areas related to this photo blog more, but here they are anyway…



DSCF3406DSCF3377 DSCF3379 DSCF3380 DSCF3381 DSCF3382 DSCF3383 DSCF3384 DSCF3385 DSCF3387 DSCF3388 DSCF3389 DSCF3390 DSCF3391 DSCF3393 DSCF3394 DSCF3395 DSCF3396  DSCF3400 DSCF3402 DSCF3404

DSCF3430 DSCF3431 DSCF3433DSCF3437DSCF3440DSCF3444DSCF3455DSCF3456DSCF3458DSCF3462DSCF3470DSCF3481DSCF3490DSCF3498DSCF3502DSCF3511


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