Made in Chelsea, or, how much I love bridges

Every time I go back to Bristol (or home, as I still call it) on the National Express coach I go past Chelsea Bridge. In December 2013, after one such trip, I had a really strong impulse to go there and take pictures, but kept putting it off. It seemed like a great thing to do on a dark, frosty winter night (absolutely had to be a clear night); in the summer, it would be dark too late, and on a cloudy evening, it would mean the light pollution would make the skies look orange.

It has taken me all this time to get round to it! But I finally did it, and my instinct was right, because I saw the river bathed in the lights of the Albert Bridge.

I got a lovely new tripod for Christmas which helped, and also experimented with using the timer for the first time. Any deficiencies in the results are entirely due to me not being very good at technical settings still and possibly the camera itself. But I hope this will inspire you to go down there yourself. DSCF3041 DSCF3046 DSCF3080 DSCF3083 DSCF3085 DSCF3089 DSCF3091 DSCF3093 DSCF3093 DSCF3096 DSCF3108 DSCF3110 DSCF3110 DSCF3112 DSCF3114 DSCF3117 DSCF3120 DSCF3125 DSCF3133 DSCF3137 DSCF3138 DSCF3145 DSCF3149 DSCF3150 DSCF3153 DSCF3154 DSCF3157 DSCF3159 DSCF3160 DSCF3162 DSCF3165 DSCF3166 DSCF3167 DSCF3171 DSCF3174 DSCF3175 DSCF3177 DSCF3178 DSCF3192 DSCF3223 DSCF3224 DSCF3229 DSCF3231 DSCF3235 DSCF3272 DSCF3273 DSCF3206


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