The North Bank





Most people walk along the South Bank of the Thames. A few years ago I walked the South Bank of the Thames from Hampton Court to the Thames Barrier, an experience I would highly recommend. I love the river, which is the real heart of this city. Now I live only a few minutes from Tower Bridge. I recently decided to walk part of the North Bank to get a different perspective on things. Here are the results.


DSCF9209 DSCF9215 DSCF9216 DSCF9217 DSCF9219 DSCF9221 DSCF9222 DSCF9224 DSCF9231 DSCF9233 DSCF9238 DSCF9240 DSCF9241 DSCF9246 DSCF9248 DSCF9250 DSCF9251 DSCF9252 DSCF9254 DSCF9255 DSCF9256 DSCF9258 DSCF9259 DSCF9260 DSCF9262 DSCF9265 DSCF9266 DSCF9267 DSCF9268 DSCF9270 DSCF9274 DSCF9279 DSCF9280 DSCF9281 DSCF9284 DSCF9285 DSCF9286 DSCF9287 DSCF9289 DSCF9290 DSCF9291 DSCF9292 DSCF9294 DSCF9295 DSCF9297 DSCF9298 DSCF9299 DSCF9300 DSCF9301 DSCF9304 DSCF9305 DSCF9307 DSCF9308 DSCF9311 DSCF9312 DSCF9313 DSCF9314 DSCF9316 DSCF9317 DSCF9319 DSCF9321 DSCF9322 DSCF9323 DSCF9324 DSCF9325 DSCF9326


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