London’s Foggy Day

Last year we had a foggy day and I expressed to a friend annoyance that I had not got up in the morning and taken photos of the fog. He replied ‘ what do you mean? It’s fog! There’s nothing to photograph!’ Yet as this Timeout compilation reveals, there were plenty of excellent foggy photo opportunities!

None of mine actually live up to that standard, but then again (as I discovered) it is quite tricky to get good photographs of fog. Now I have a better idea of how to do it, so – in the spirit of this blog – I am still learning…

DSCF8720 DSCF8721 DSCF8722 DSCF8723 DSCF8724 DSCF8732 DSCF8735 DSCF8738 DSCF8742 DSCF8743 DSCF8744 DSCF8747 DSCF8768 DSCF8770 DSCF8771 DSCF8773 DSCF8776 DSCF8782 DSCF8783 DSCF8784 DSCF8791 DSCF8793 DSCF8796 DSCF8800DSCF8813DSCF8811

And then the fog cleared…


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